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Are you looking for a loyal friend and an excellent guard? Here you can pick up a puppy of a Tibetan mastiff! Tibetan


Mastiff - the guardian of dogs guarding Tibetan monasteries and pastures, is considered the ancestor of all Malosses. The Tibetan mastiff, with an impressive appearance, strength and great intelligence, is not an aggressive breed for the family, but they are formidable protection for strangers on its territory.

On this page, you can see the photos of the Tibetan mastiff puppies as they grow. For us, in the priority of breeding healthy and beautiful dogs! A puppy of the Tibetan mastiff will conquer your heart!

Happy viewing and see you soon!



Litter " T " , 12.10.2019


White ribbon - For sale

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We are waiting for a puppies in the middle of December!

Pregnancy confirmed!